AISO Content Delivery Network

Businesses today need to deliver all kinds of different web content - software, games, audio/video, CAD/CAM images, blueprints, and more – to their key customers around the globe. Traditional CDN solutions lack the key requirements like speed, support for modern content formats, reporting capabilities, flexibility and cost advantage. Organizations need a CDN solution that is advanced, reliable, and can handle the ever-changing file formats of the modern technology environment. If you have images, files or entire Web sites that need to be available to a global user-base, a Content Delivery Network is a great solution. You gain the benefit of lower origin server utilization while improving your end-users’ experience. A Content Delivery Network is an interconnected network of computers that rapidly distributes web content to end-users by caching that data on multiple servers and delivering it based on the user’s geographic location.

AISO offers a complete Content Distribution Network solution leveraging a next-generation CDN to simplify the delivery of your critical content. Our CDN solution uses a network of edge locations around the world which caches copies of your content close to end users, lowering latency when they download your objects. The service also gives you the high, sustained data transfer rates needed to deliver large popular objects to end users at scale. It can instantly deliver all the latest content formats –static or dynamic electronic files, rich multimedia content, or large content libraries - to your global audience, quickly and securely. With AISO, your web pages, videos, games and music files will download faster than it would without a CDN. What's more, as your business grows, our CDN system is proven to scale as large as you need which increases the maximum number of concurrent users that can access your data, up through millions of downloads.

Our CDN also supports Flash streaming, as well as live streaming technology which allows for both to be broadcast globally to audiences of a massive scale. Live broadcast quality is top-notch, with no choppiness, broadcast drops, or excessive buffering. We distribute the live broadcasts from multiple points of presence, so the end-users will be able to pick up the feed closest to them, delivering the optimal performance for their specific global region and "last-mile" bandwidth provider.

Backed by strategically located high-capacity data centers, AISO supports the complete content delivery chain – from hosting, transcoding, and streaming, to content publishing, delivery and reporting. So, you get the cost benefits and flexibility of our CDN while liberating yourself from contracts, capital investments, and operational hassles. What's more, you get our guarantee that your content reaches the right hands just when they need it. All POPs are located in Tier One data centers strategically located near primary Internet Exchange Points. This places our servers at the center of global network peering and traffic exchange, and puts your end users just milliseconds away from your content.

Key Benefits of AISO's CDN solution include:
  • Low-cost, high-quality service
  • Get setup and serving content within a few hours
  • 24x7 monitored and managed services
  • Custom CNAME support included, free
  • Free, no limit GET requests/hits
  • Efficient routing mechanisms and global load balancing technology
  • Fastest DNS infrastructure across the globe
  • GZIP compression enabled for text/plain, text/html, text/css, application/x-javascript, text/javascript
  • Specify Content Expiration Headers at the origin server. This will automatically tell the edge servers how often to check for content freshness & automatically purge old content
  • Free, unlimited API requests included
  • Optionally serve large files from disk and small files from RAM via two specifically designed HTTP platforms
  • On-demand video streaming via HTTP & Flash streaming supported
  • Live and on-demand audio and/or video can be streamed to an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch over HTTP for playback on its built-in Media Player application
  • Live event video streaming services available for Flash and HTTP.
  • Live Event Server Side Archiving allows your live Flash streams to be automatically recorded into your CDN POP storage account for future playback. Appending is also possible which is useful for long running live events where the encoder may be interrupted.
  • Real-time content replication for mission critical redundancy and availability
  • Origin Pull based option to load objects right from your web site, so there is no need to manually load content up the the CDN
  • Optional POP Pull to store your content on our storage nodes around the globe, so your files remain available "at the edge" of the network at all times. CDN POP Storage includes FTP for free and optional rsync is extra.
  • Optional encrypted and authenticated HTTPS connections to protect data in transit
  • Enhanced content security with optional token authentication
  • IIS Smooth Streaming suport, which adapts video streams in real-time based upon the consumer’s changing bandwidth and CPU conditions. The combination of the two means publishers can deliver a high-definition experience that loads quickly while minimizing interruptions relating to network congestion and limited computer resources.
  • Optional Control Panel – to view and analyze reports, upload content, and manage media
Advanced CDN Pay As You Go Pricing
  • $0.20/GB for HTTP/HTTPS Push/Pull Large (Disk Caching)
  • $0.25/GB for HTTP/HTTPS Push/Pull Small (RAM Caching with 1MB file size limit)
  • $0.20/GB for Flash Push/Pull/Live Streaming
  • $0.60/GB for CDN Storage
  • HTTPS extra charge. Custom SSLs supported
  • $25 one time setup fee
  • Contact us for a 14 day 30GB no obligation free trial
  • 60 Worldwide POP Locations: Bangalore - India, Asia - Batam, Asia - Chennai - India, Asia - Hong Kong, Asia - Jakarta, Asia - Kaohsiung, Asia - Mumbai - India, Asia - Noida - India, Asia - Osaka, Asia - Seoul, Asia - Singapore, Asia - Tokyo, Asia - Tokyo (NRT2), Australia - Melbourne, Australia - Sydney, Europe - Amsterdam, Europe - Amsterdam (AMS2), Europe - Copenhagen, Europe - Frankfurt (FRA2), Europe - Frankfurt (FRF), Europe - Frankfurt (Peering), Europe - Helsinki, Europe - London, Europe - London (LHR2), Europe - Madrid (MAD2), Europe - Milan, Europe - Oman, Europe - Paris, Europe - Paris (CDG2), Europe - Stockholm, Europe - Vienna, Europe - Warsaw, North America - Ashburn, North America - Ashburn (DCA2), North America - Atlanta, North America - Atlanta (ATL2), North America - Boston, North America - Chicago, North America - Chicago (ORD2), North America - Dallas, North America - Dallas (DFW2), North America - Los Angeles, North America - Los Angeles (LAX2), North America - Miami, North America - Miami (MIA2), North America - New York (EWR), North America - New York (LGA), North America - Newark (BNJ), North America - Newark (CSTG), North America - Philadelphia, North America - San Jose, North America - San Jose (SJC2), North America - Seattle, North America - Seattle (SEA2), South America - Barranquilla - Colombia, South America - Buenos Aires - Argentina, South America - Medellin - Colombia, South America - Quito - Ecuador, South America - Rio De Janeiro - Brazil, South America - Sao Paulo - Brazil
AISO CDN Pay As You Go Pricing
  • $0.15/GB for HTTP/HTTPS Pull NA/EU Region
  • $0.15/GB for HTTP/HTTPS Push NA/EU Region
  • $0.15/GB for Video On Demand NA/EU Region
  • $0.15/GB for Live Streaming NA/EU Region
  • $0.25/GB for HTTP/HTTPS Pull Worldwide
  • $0.25/GB for HTTP/HTTPS Push Worldwide
  • $0.25/GB for Video On Demand Worldwide
  • $0.25/GB for Live Streaming Worldwide
  • Shared ([anydomain] HTTPS Free. Custom SSLs not supported yet
  • $25 one time setup fee
  • 82 NA/EU POP Locations: Amsterdam - NL (4), Arlington - US, Athens - GR, Atlanta - US (2), Berlin - DE, Brussels - BE, Buffalo - US, Chandler - US, Chicago - US (5), Cleveland - US, Clifton - US, Colorado Springs - US, Columbus - US, Copenhagen - DK, Dallas - US (4), Denver - US (3), Dublin - IE (4), Frankfurt - DE, Goteborg - SE, Green Bay - US, Houston - US, Jersey City - US (2), Kiev - UA, Las Vegas - US, Lisbon - PT (2), London - GB (4), Los Angeles - US, Maidenhead - GB, Manassas - US, Miami - US (4), Milan - IT, Montreal - CA (2), New York - US, Orlando - US, Philadelphia - US (2), Phoenix - US, Portland - US, Raleigh - US, Riverside - US, Sacramento - US, Salt Lake City - US, San Jose - US, Saskatoon - CA, Scranton - US, Seattle - US, Sheffield - GB, Southfield - US, Tampa - US, Toronto - CA (3), Valencia - ES, Vancouver - CA, Warsaw - PL, Washington - US, Zurich - CH
  • 150 Worldwide POP Locations: Amsterdam - NL (4), Ankara - TR (2), Arlington - US, Athens - GR, Atlanta - US (2), Bangkok - TH (2), Barcelona - ES, Bekasi - ID, Belgrade - RS, Berlin - DE, Brisbane - AU (2), Brussels - BE, Bucharest - RO, Budapest - HU (2), Buffalo - US, Bursa - TR, Canberra - AU, Chandler - US, Chicago - US (5), Cleveland - US, Clifton - US, Colorado Springs - US, Columbus - US, Copenhagen - DK, Cyberjaya - MY, Dallas - US (4), Den Bosch - NL, Denver - US (3), Dublin - IE (4), Frankfurt - DE, Gdansk - PL, Geneva - CH, Goteborg - SE (2), Green Bay - US, Groningen - NL, Helsinki - FI, Hong Kong - HK (3), Houston - US, Jersey City - US (2), Karlstad - SE, Kharkov - UA, Kiev - UA, Kuala Lumpur - MY, Las Vegas - US, Lisbon - PT (2), London - GB (4), Los Angeles - US, Lvov - UA, Madrid - ES, Maidenhead - GB, Manassas - US, Marseille - FR, Melbourne - AU, Miami - US (4), Milan - IT (2), Montreal - CA (2), Moscow - RU (3), New York - US, Novosibirsk - RU, Odessa - UA, Orlando - US, Oslo - NO, Palmerston North - NZ, Paris - FR, Perth - AU (3), Philadelphia - US (2), Phoenix - US, Portland - US, Prague - CZ, Pune - IN, Raleigh - US, Riverside - US, Sacramento - US, Salt Lake City - US, San Jose - US, Sao Paulo - BR (3), Saskatoon - CA, Scranton - US, Seattle - US, Shakhtinsk - KZ, Sheffield - GB, Singapore - SG (2), Sofia - BG, Southfield - US, St Asaph - GB, Stockholm - SE (2), Strasbourg - FR, Sydney - AU (3), Taipei - TW, Tallinn - EE, Tampa - US, Tokyo - JP (2), Toronto - CA (3), Valencia - ES, Vancouver - CA, Vaxjo - SE, Warsaw - PL, Washington - US, Zagreb - HR (2), Zlin - CZ, Zurich - CH (2)